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The antennas are up!

It took longer than expected to finish my “Saturday evening project” but none the less the mast is up and so are the antennas. As you can see in the picture below, there are two of them. One is a

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A Saturday evening project

Now that I have set up all my VHF, UHF, and Packet gear, I’ve come to realize that I need to make a better effort to get my antennas mounted properly. I currently have two antennas mounted on the side

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Packet is up and running!

I am now up, running, and active on VHF packet! A week or so ago, I managed to get my antenna mounted and my radio and TNC powered. The antenna, however, is not in an ideal location as it’s below

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VHF Packet Racket

Packet radio has been something I have always wanted to get in to. When I first got licensed, back in the late 90s, we had a fairly active packet scene at the local club (VE1YAR / VE1GX) but I was

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The value of a good soldering iron (or gun)

For years I have been using a basic pen style soldering iron from Radio Shack (bought it back when we had those here in Canada). I never could quite get my connectors, or wires, to solder just the way I

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Getting excited for spring weather!

With the spring fast approaching, I am finally getting excited. This means that I will finally be able to put up my old 80m inverted V antenna (for use with my receiver) and my newly built J-Pole. I also have

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Looking into a new project

Since I have recently rekindled my interest in the amateur radio hobby I’ve been mulling over a few ideas I have for a new web project. It’s been a long time since I have spent any amount of time working

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How to build a 2m antenna from a coffee can!

I love watching KG0ZZ’s (Dave Tadlock) antenna videos (he covers other topics as well). He comes up with some pretty neat┬áconcoctions. Here are a couple of his videos. In the first one he makes an 2m antenna out of a

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My Ham Shack

My ham shack is nothing to brag about but it’s my little piece of the house where I can come and spend some me time. As of the present time I’m only active on VHF and UHF. I don’t currently

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What is Amateur (Ham) Radio?

  I was thinking about writing a lengthy article detailing all the ins and outs of the amateur radio hobby, fortunately I stumbled upon this great video from dighsx. This video outlines the basics of the hobby. It is focused

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