The antennas are up!

It took longer than expected to finish my “Saturday evening project” but none the less the mast is up and so are the antennas.

As you can see in the picture below, there are two of them. One is a folded dipole that I’ve had for many years and the other is a marine antenna that I am using on packet. Now that they are both above the peak of the house, I am getting much better reception and it’s actually possible to have good QSOs on simplex. The marine antenna is not optimal for 2m, but the SWR is low enough that it does the trick. I can easily hit the local digipeater which is all that really matters for now.

My next step is to buy a decent dual band antenna so I can operate better on 2m and hook up my 70cm transceiver. I suspect I will fasten a bracket to the unused chimney which will hold another pole going even higher.

73 for now!

Antenna Mast

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