The Journey to Self-Employment

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How does the saying go? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Yes that’s right. Well I am in the process of making some lemonade.

A my luck would have it, back in December I got laid off from my tech job where I had been working for almost 4 years. It was due to the downturn in the industry and wasn’t entirely unexpected. The timing wasn’t great but as it is with any layoff, it is never a good time I guess.

What I am getting at is that I am now looking into starting my own business. I am not currently able to go into details as to what exactly it is but it is tech related and serves a local market that is sorely in need of help. I was lucky enough to have financial stability over the past few months while I make this decision and tried to find a job that suited my needs. I will be honest, my needs have changed greatly since I was last in the market for a job and there wasn’t much out there that fit those needs. I even have some good friends that have been searching for work in the same sector (the one I was laid off from) for a while now and it’s not looking good.

I hope to be able to document a good portion of my journey to self-employment on this blog. I feel like I finally have a a topic that I am very interested in talking about and I should easily be able to document the process, the ups and downs, and all that stuff.

I hope you come back to share this process with me!

73 for now!

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