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Hello readers!

My name is Dennis d’Entremont. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I have been an amateur radio operator since 1997. I passed my basic certification when I was 15 years old. After being fairly active for a couple of years, I went to college and dropped out of the hobby for a few years. I attempted to get back in off and on but not having a whole lot of money to spend on proper gear I didn’t stick around long. I finally got back in to the hobby again in 2014, now that I have my own house and can install equipment as I wish.

I am a member of the Yarmouth Amateur Radio Club in Yarmouth, NS Canada and currently sit on the executive as Secretary and Webmaster.

In my professional life, I am currently a Technical Systems Engineer with a company that supports VoIP (voice over IP) telephony and unified communications systems. I work out of my home office (ham shack) as the company is distributed throughout the USA and Canada.

I have had other IT positions in the past. From help desk and desktop support, to Windows Server support. Also, I’ve recently also held a position that was not IT at all but was focused on energy conservation. I have had many jobs over the years but I always seem to fall back on technology as that is what I am most passionate about.

My shack now consists of a Kenwood TS-570S (HF+6m) transceiver, a Yaesu FT-1900R (2m) transceiver, a GE Phoenix UHF transceiver, an ICOM V100 + PK88 TNC for packet, and a dual band QYT KT8900 transceiver, three computers (desktop, laptop, and server). I now spend most of my radio time on HF chasing DX and ragchewing.

Best 73s de VE1XT / VE1DCD

Disclaimer: My posts and comments on this site are my own and do not represent any company, person, or organization that I am affiliated with. The comments left by other people are their own and I take no responsibility for what they contain.

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  1. Hola Dennis, tengo un transceiver ts570D, y esta en muy buen estado de conservacion, ya que yo lo estrene. Como veo, usted tiene experiencia con este radio. Lo que me sucede, es que aparecieron como unas gotas de agua en el vidrio del frente, y me esta manchando un poco. La pregunta es, como puedo desarmar la parte frontal para limpiar ese problema. Tiene usted un video, o conoce de algun video? Los de youtube no ayudan casi nada.Muchas gracias

    Eugenio Murillo TI2CCC

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