Packet is up and running!

I am now up, running, and active on VHF packet!

A week or so ago, I managed to get my antenna mounted and my radio and TNC powered. The antenna, however, is not in an ideal location as it’s below the peak of my house. For now though, I can hit the local digipeater and can communicate with the other locals that use packet. I am not currently able to work anyone directly due to the antenna set up. However, I am able to operate, which is the main thing.

Going forward I am going to try and encourage a few others to get back onto this mode. There’s only three of us in the club that are active in any way on packet at this time. It’s a good way to leave messages for each other but the traffic is quite low. I know there are others who have the gear (it was quite active in the 90s) so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get a few more stations on the air.

A few weeks back I donated an unused PC to the club so they can set up a station in the club building. This will be another great addition to emergency communication capabilities for the club, who works closely with the local Emergency Measures Organization (EMO).

73 for now! VE1DCD

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