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Hi All,

Recently (about 2 months ago) I moved all of my websites from ANhosting to DreamHost. I’ve wanted to post about it or a while but decided to hold off until I felt like enough time had passed to make sure that I wasn’t going to regret it. I can now say with certainty, that this was the right choice.

I few years ago, I signed up with ANhosting (now a division of Midphase) on the recommendation of a friend. The deal was sweet, only $71 / year, for all the hosting I could possibly need. It was a standard, shared, hosting plan with unlimited domains, ftp, email, bandwidth, etc… That’s all I needed to run the small blogs and websites that I wanted.

After a while, the quality of service from ANhosting began to be less and less acceptable. Their web servers were going down a little too often, the mysql servers / services were overloaded, they would do “scheduled” maintenance without informing customers about it, a few times my php scripts were blocked (excessive PHP errors) without ever telling me about it, and more.

The final straw for me, was when they decided to block all access to wp-login.php. This essentially made it impossible for me to log in to any of my blogs to post. When I contacted support, the told me that it was because someone (or a group of people) was attacking all of the WordPress installs on their systems. Their solution was to create a wp-login_new.php file that I could use to log in. At first I thought this was OK but the first WordPress update after that changes contained updates to the log in system and that solution broke. Again, I contacted support, and they re-built the workaround once again. I was getting quite fed up as ANhosting didn’t seem to care about the small guys any more.

I talked it over with some friends who are webmasters and they could not believe that my provide was doing such a thing. They had never heard of it before. I was suggested that I try out DreamHost. One of them gave me a coupon code that would save me $97.00 if I signed up for a year of hosting. I decided to give it a try.

So far, I have had a great experience with DreamHost. Their control panel is not the usual CPanel I was used to but I got acquainted with their system really quickly. At this point I actually like it better than CPanel. DreamHost also seems to be more engaged with their users. They send me a monthly email that isn’t just a marketing document and actually contains useful information and their support is great. I get the feeling they genuinely care about all of their customers, not just the big ones.

Keep in mind, I have only been a customer of DreamHost for a few months, I can’t yet say that  I will never have any issues but so far I feel good about this new provider.

If you are interested in signing up, you can use one of the below coupon codes and save some money. I do get a small kick back if these codes are used. I you don’t like that, you can sign up without a code if you want to.

DreamHost Website

VE1XT2014 – Save $82 and get a FREE domain name – When you sign up for one year.
BLOG2014 – Save $97.00 – When you signup for one year.


73 for now!

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  1. I love dreamhost. Cheap wordpress hosting I got for 3.99 a month. I also have a dedicated server. Local too since i live in la

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