Working some DX with an old Atlas 210x

I’m fortunate enough to belong to a club that is willing to lend out spare gear to those of us who are a bit underfunded. I had been using a Kenwood TS-120 but there turned out to be an intermittent issue with the transmitter output. That one has been returned to the club for repairs and I have since borrowed an old Atlas 210x.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this old rig. The receiver in it is excellent (better than the 120 in my opinion) and I’ve had excellent audio reports. I’m using a Turner Plus Three desk mic that I wired in to the phone plug.

Another benefit to borrowing an HF rig is that I get to find out if it’s something I’ll really be interested in, before going out and buying my own (not that I have the money for it right now).

For my antenna, I am currently running a homemade, mono band (20m), Inverted Vee. I’ve worked a bit of 40m (the Atlas claims to infinite SWR protection) with some success but I’ve been mainly sticking to chasing DX on 20.

Atlas 210x
Atlas 210x

If you happen to hear me around the bands feel free to give me a shout. I do QSL via eQSL but may someday have some cards printed up to send out.

73 de VE1XT

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  1. I wish i lived nere a ham club so i can do this. Though i have fine enough apartment performance with a handheld and variety of antennas.

  2. Hi dr om Dennis !! I also running my old Atlas trcv 210X from september,1 2013. with inverted “V” antenna for 20m band. It`s abt 50 m from the ground. I wkd mni DX and longest was VK3TDX……. also hrd, but not wkd, ZL2WL because PILE-UP was UFB……last night I hrd VK3MO……also PILE-UP was UFB !! If you want I may sent to you some audio witch I saved with my celular phone !!??

    dr om Dennis I wish you all the best and mni gd dx…..also hpe that we will be make our QSO as soon as posible on 20m band !!?? Cheerio and gb……….

    vy 73 & gl fm Misha, yu1ms and greetings from Serbia !!!!!!!!

    • Hi Misha! It is nice to meet you. I think I have seen your call on the DX cluster at one time or another. I will keep an eye out for you and make sure to send a call out of I heard you.

      I love the old Atlas 210x. Its a great rig. My inverted vee is only 30 ft above ground in the center and it works great!

      73 and hope to hear you on the air soon!

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